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    Pfsense - Hasivo Switch- Unify Switch

    Hi, I have a pfsense that has a LAGG interface (port 1 and 2) and is connected to Unify Switch (LAGG port 15 and 16). I have ~50 different VLAN IDs that are configured on both Pfsense and Unify Switch. Current: pfsense (Physical, Port 1, 2) ----LAGG----Unify Switch (Port 15,16) I would like...
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    [US][US-CA] Gigabyte AMD Epyc server and some other networking stuff.

    Hi all! I am selling my home lab server. GIGABYTE R272-Z30 AMD Epyc 7313p 16 Core CPU 128GB ECC Registered RAM Adaptec 4 port SAS Raid Controller 1TB Crucial SSD NO OS (or I can install Linux if you prefer). $3,500 I also have a Ubiquity UDM Pro for sale, it's less than a year old...