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    AMD Epyc CPU frequency on linux

    tl;dr: How to get AMD core performance boost on linux? Or how to read CPU frequency correctly? My setup consists of two AMD Epyc 7301 (2.2GHz Base, 2.7GHz boost) on a Supermicro H11DSi. I just installed Opensuse Tumbleweed which comes with Kernel version 4.14.2-1-default. uname -a Linux...
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    Xeon ES/QS Turbo Bins Database

    Let's get a Turbo Bins database going for all the Xeon ES out there. By Turbo Bins I mean the maximum clocks ( Turbo Boost ) for all different Active Cores loads. By having this database going, one can easily see the actual clocks a E.S. Xeon will be running at different active cores. No more...
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    TDP & turbo limits vs. actual frequency under load (Xeon E5 v1)

    In a given CPU family Intel sells CPUs at a variety of frequencies that have the same TDP. As far as I understand it for Sandy Bridge CPUs: The BIOS/motherboard/processor will enforce the TDP limit, but allows the CPU to temporarily exceed by 1.2-1.3x it for some amount of time. With...