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    Arista 7050s52 with sfp to rj45 third party transceiver settings

    Hi, I'm trying to setup my Atista 7050s52 but failing somewhere. I gave an ip to the managemrnt console and can ssh into it. I'd like to connect it to say port 48 to get it reachable from other port(s). OR to setup vlan interface(s) with ip to make the switch reachable from those ports. Now...
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    Help me understand LC module compatibility

    Hello STH. I'm just getting started with a home server and hit a stumbling block that I could do some help with. I bought some mismatched 10G nics for peer to peer over DAC between my r720 server and clients. Works fine. Now I need more distance so want to try fibre so bought another chelsio...
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    compatible transievers with HP 560FLR

    Hi I will be getting some servers soon and they are equipped with HP 560FLR 10gb NIC I would like to know if the HP nics are forgiving in terms of transceivers or I must use HP transceivers I am asking because I see some Cisco transceivers for really cheap on eBay and was thnking maybe I can...
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    Do all SFP+ NIC accept Fiber Transceivers?

    Probably noob question: Do all SFP+ NIC accept Fiber Transceivers? I want to buy a few 10G NICs and use a fiber SR Transceiver. Saw the threads on the OEM Mellanox, but couldn't figure out if they use copper or Fiber transceivers.
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    40G Network Setup Advice Needed

    Hi everybody, I need to setup a 40G network, I am connecting a single workstation with a server. As of right now, I only need point-to-point between these two machines. Distance is app. 15m. Been reading up on 40G required hardware, but am a little bit confused, so I have some questions -...
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    Newbie question: FC transceivers for Infiniband

    I can get some 4x16bit QSFP transceivers for free, however from my understanding these are originally intended for FC. Does the link protocol really matter? Isn't it just a physical conversion layer and as long as the transfer bitrate keeps up I could use these for QDR Infiniband or do I really...