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    Ebay - HP T730 Thin Client - $173 shipped

    HP T730 Thin Client 2.70GHz AMD RX-427BB 32GB SSD 8GB RAM WES 7P64 AMD R7-1024MB 656541798762 | eBay $149.99 + $23.08 Shipping 1x HP T730 Thin Client [P3S25AA#ABA] 1x 85W AC Adapter Processor 2.70GHz AMD RX-427BB APU Memory (RAM) 8GB DDR3L-1600 SDRAM [16GB MAX] Hard Drive 32GB SSD...
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    Introduction to the HP t730 Thin client - the little box that could

    Welcome to the short and succint guide to the HP t730 thin client (Also known by HP internal codename Pixar) So why should you care (as a home labber)? It's a large thin client, roughly in the dimensions of 221mm W x 240mm H x 67 mm D, ~3.55 Liters, dating back to mid-2015. It plays the big...
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    (US) Cheap Gigabit fiber adapter for the HP t630, t640 and t730 Thin Clients

    FYI - for those who bought an HP t730 Thin client for playing around, I found an eBay listing for the Allied Telesis AT29M2-SC for a fairly decent price (typical listing is $30, now listing for $12.99). This should go into the unoccupied expansion port above the PCIe slot. This can in theory...