supermicro x8

  1. Zack Hehmann

    Looking for low power CPU with VT-d and AES-NI for new pfSense build

    I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on a new pfSense build I'm looking at doing. I might consider making this build a light ESXi build that runs pfSense, a TurnKey Linux build with phpIPAM packages installed, and maybe an Asterisk server. I currently am using a Dell optiplex 755 and it's...
  2. M

    Possible to fix corrupt IPMI/BMC on supermicro X8DTH?

    I have an X8DTH motherboard which I decided to upgrade the bios and BMC on. Both applied without issue according to their utils. Upon reboot the system waits for the BMC for a very long time and then eventually states that the BMC has failed. Inside of the BIOS under BMC it also shows as...
  3. james23

    (solved) SuperMicro X8 BIOS raid (adaptec) and win7 64bit Install

    Hi, My HW: MB: Supermicro X8DAH+-F , sm 3u Chassis , 24gb ram ecc First off im normally a ONLY Hardware RAID guy, however for this specific setup i must use the on-board (SM X8) BIOS raid. (so please try to help with the issue i have below, and not try to convince me to change the...