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    Your thoughts on storage solution for Hypervisor (U2 vs SAS)

    So i am building a new system but not sure what to use for storage. What i am looking for: 6 - 8tb usable space min 250k iops read & write, preferably ~400k under 40w for all drives (and hba if required) 1 drive parity / redundancy 1pb+ endurance per drive one pcie x16 3.0 slot for connection...
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    EU WTB: Intel DC 3710/3700/35xx, NVMe SSDs, DDR3 RDIMMs, SAS SSDs and RAID/HBA cards

    Hi! I'm in Europe and buying for a lab being built for my US employer. Unfortunately VAT registration is not going as fast as it should and we want to double-hit our wallets with both VAT (which we should be refunded but I dont see this happening) and USD->EUR exchange. US based sellers more...