1. A

    Temperature Comparison: LSI SAS2008 vs. SAS2308

    Hey! Does any of you know which of the above-mentioned chipset runs cooler/hotter in a medium airflow environment? I need a new HBA for my FreeNAS home server and since the cards with these two are almost priced identically now (used on ebay) I would rather go with SAS2308 since it’s PCIe 3.0...
  2. Geran

    SOLD: Dell R210ii

    Hi all, I bought this server a while ago but recently I decided to go a different direction with the hardware I want to use. I'm open to offers that are reasonable, so feel free to message me. Also I will prioritize local pickup over shipping. Located in the DC metro area.
  3. TheBloke

    SAS2308 vs 2008 - any big value in upgrading, besides PCIE b/w?

    Here's my question in a nutshell: what are the benefits, if any, in upgrading SAS2008 cards to SAS2308 cards, besides offering PCIE 3.0 bandwidth and being capable of handling more devices (1024 vs 512)? If you had a server that only supported PCIE 2.0, containing several SAS2008 cards running...