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    TDP & turbo limits vs. actual frequency under load (Xeon E5 v1)

    In a given CPU family Intel sells CPUs at a variety of frequencies that have the same TDP. As far as I understand it for Sandy Bridge CPUs: The BIOS/motherboard/processor will enforce the TDP limit, but allows the CPU to temporarily exceed by 1.2-1.3x it for some amount of time. With...
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    WTB: v1 / SB-EP Xeon E5-2687W or E5-2690

    Does anyone have one of the following Sandy Bridge-EP v1 Xeon CPUs they'd be willing to sell reasonably cheap (~$300)? C2 stepping preferred, C1 is okay, no ES silicon. Xeon E5-2687W Xeon E5-2690 If so, let me know what you have and how much you want.