1. A

    Seeking guidance on modifying RoCEv2 code for continuous reception of UDP data packets from an FPGA over Ethernet

    I’m currently working on receiving UDP data packets over Ethernet using RoCEv2, but I’ve encountered a challenge in my code. I’m trying to continuously receive data packets emitted by an FPGA, utilizing RoCEv2. I attempted to modify the code for multicast given in following document ,to unicast...
  2. U

    RoCE v1 implementation (SX6036 heatsink/silence mod running log!)

    For my setup, I already have (4) CX3 non-pro cards. I needed to get a single CX4 card in order to support the mlx5 driver that is now bundled with macOS and my macs can be on the network now via thunderbolt. I am interested in setting up a simple point to point network at home where the...
  3. L

    iSCSI ZFS block storage options for ESXi with RDMA / RoCE / iSER support

    I'm currently using FreeNAS for iSCSI ZFS block storage for my ESXi server. The FreeNAS box is getting old so I'm looking for a replacement. I'm not currently using any of the other FreeNAS features besides ZFS and iSCSI. I was initially planning to upgrade the FreeNAS box to TrueNAS Core or...
  4. bryan_v

    Is RoCE v2 worth it?

    Hey everyone, I'm trying decide between the Mellanox MCX354A-FCBT and MCX354A-FCCT, the second which supports RoCE v2 and commands a higher price. Has anyone used RoCE v2 and noticed an appreciable improvement either in Quality of Life or performance in a homelab setting? Cheers, Bryan
  5. A

    RoCE v2/DCB used switches

    Hi. I want to try RoCE2 in my homelab to get better performance on my glusterfs vm storage. Are there any DCB capable switches under $500 used? 10gb ports is fine. (Not sure if DCB is required for RoCE2, actually. but hey, thats why i need smth to experiment on)
  6. J

    RoCE use cases

    Hi Folks, Anyone come across or try out a killer use case for RDMA / RoCE? I know there are custom builds of some hadoop based apps but what have you found to be a great use of this tech? I have the box, now need the project. :) James
  7. D

    TOR Switch Needed for 3-Node Hyper-Converged S2D 2016 Cluster

    Using Windows Server 2016DC, I'm building a 3-node Hyper-converged, Storage Spaces Direct failover cluster. It seems to work good and passes validation using an ordinary D-Link 10GB switch except the fact that I can't see any RDMA traffic over the switch. I confirmed that I can see RDMA activity...