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    KingNovy/CWWK Mini PC Intel N305, running Debian (Proxmox) but very often reboots, suspecting a hardware/motherboard issue, how to investigate?

    Hi, After reading this forum for some time, back in June I bought myself something that very much looks like CWWK / King Novy mini pc 12th Gen Intel i3 Alder Lake N305 - 32 GB RAM. Unfortunately I was very busy for some months but I installed Proxmox and pfSense back around November and...
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    amd epyc rome on h122ssl-c random crashes

    Heres the story: Ive got a server with the h122sl-c mainboard and AMD EPYC 7262 as cpu, it has 4x8 gig of ram in 4 lanes. It also has 2x8TB Seagate drives as Raid 1 in the SAS controller and 2x990 Samsung pro as nvme on board. This got shipped without any heatsink. Zippy redundant server psu...
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    ConnectX-2 crash ESXI host when VM is booted

    EDIT 1 : post #3, ESXI is not the culprit here. Launching anything bare metal do exactly the same. Hi, I'm finally updating my homelab network to 10GB, and I have some issues with my ConnectX-2 cards. The server is an R710, with ESXI 6.5 u1. I want to passtrough the card to a Windows Server...