ram distribution

  1. R

    128Gb RAM on Threadripper at 2400 Mhz. Can it be done?

    Is a Threadripper build with 128GB unbuffered ECC RAM at 2400+ Mhz a realistic goal? Threadripper only takes unbuffered RAM, which really limits my options. here is my problem: I can't do 4x32 Gb sticks because I can't find unregistered ECC 32Gb sticks, much less single rank ones. I could do...
  2. TheBloke

    LGA1366 - mismatched RAM across 2 CPUs? (Tyan S7012)

    Hi all I have a Tyan S7012 motherboard with 2 x 5670 CPUs (Westmere, 2.93ghz) and 18 RDIMM slots. I started out with a total of 120GB RAM - 12 x 8GB + 6 x 4GB, arranged as 8, 8, 4GB in each of the 6 channels (3 channels per CPU * 2 CPUs). I wanted to get in as much RAM as I could reasonably...