1. P

    2x4TB in RAID1 - or - 3x4TB in RAID5

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice on the best configuration to add more storage to my server. I have a HPE ML110, P440ar controller, with 4LFF, 2 bays are available. Is it better to fill the 2 bays with 4TB drives and put them in RAID1? Or should I buy another 4LFF cage, and then buy 3 x...
  2. MrCalvin

    EXT4 optimization (Journal, checksum, QEMU, LVM, MDADM)

    I've decide to use mdadm RAID1(root) and RAID5(data) on my servers and my final choice of filesystem was EXT4 for both (did consider btrfs, XFS and ZFS, but looking at all pros/cons I ended up with EXT4). I've started wondering about a few things in regards to performance optimizing: Twice...
  3. D

    Performance advice (3x Slow-drives - RAID5) on LSI RAID for ESXI

    Hi, I have a small ESXI host in my homelab which runs a few hours a day for experimental work. The parts of the machine are chosen to be either low cost or low power usage: 2x E52650L on an ZTSYSTEM ACADIA12 board 128 GB DDR3 ECC 1x SSD Boot drive connected to the onboard Sata-Port 3x 3TB Sata...