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    Crucial MX300 in RAID0 read problems at 256kb

    Hi there, with the black friday discount i bought two crucial mx300 525GB and until now i used them as spare drives for random files in my home because i was waiting for a DELL H200 IT mode HBA card. I finally had the opportunity to test them this week but the results are a bit disappointing...
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    Performance LSI 9205-8e ssd raid0

    Hi all.. I have 8 ssd's (Toshiba Trion OCZ 150 480gb) hooked up to an 9205-8e with 2 SFF 8088 to 4 X SATA cables. It's sitting in an HP Z800 (96gm ram) running proxmox (latest v4.xx). The lsi is placed in an 8x pcie 2.0 port I have made two raid0 arrays (four ssd's in each) with mdadm and i...