1. T

    Is there ANY way for me apply forms of port security to unmanaged switches?/ ANSWERED

    So I am a college student and for a project, I am very interested in whether or not there is ANY way for me to apply port security settings to the ports of an unmanaged switch. I realized that unmanaged switches do not have any sort of interface in which to naturally do this, unlike managed...
  2. J

    Python How to Handle Data Unstructured From Text File

    i have file python format like this. # Jon Doe # 27212000-C # Calorina, 06/03 1993 # South Calorina Jaka Km 1 # Num 009.006 # Calorina. 11710, Tp.108437347343 #'a # 20-09-2016 Akn # 36412506/E.15262 # Jakarta, 13/10/1994 # II, Let.jend, Soeprapto Gang Siaga # V RT 005/03 #...
  3. Patrick

    Script Script to defeat Java Application Blocked issues

    Background I made a post a few weeks ago on a way to manually defeat Java Application Blocked issues when trying to connect to various iKVM interfaces. Today I re-installed Windows 10 and lost my old exceptions.list file which had gotten pretty big. I read Terry Kennedy's comment that the...