1. hmartin

    EU Tyan 2U POWER8 (TN71-BP012) - 299€

    Not sure how interesting this will be to people, since POWER8 is a very niche architecture, but anyway I ran into this: Tyan Rack 2U Server TN71-BP012 1x IBM POWER8 10-Core CPU 2,926 GHz 2x 750Watt 299€, currently showing 7% off Seems like a good deal for anyone wanting to get their feet...
  2. Patrick

    Anyone want a UP Power8 workstation?

    Since we have had quite a bit of interest in Power8 recently, here is a workstation design: Raptor Engineering::Talos™ Secure Workstation I think it would feel about like when I got a brand new SGI O2, then realized that would mean learning IRIX.