1. T

    HBA/IT controller

    Hello, I am currently working on building a system. I have 6 18TB SAS drives. My current Adaptec 7 card only shows them at 16 TB which I believe is causing all my errors I am seeing on my ZFS. I have tried with and without the memory card that comes with the Adaptec 7 card. I have a very...
  2. realtomatoes

    how'd you improve zfs performance?

    i got freenas running on a 2 vcpu 8gb vm on esxi with passthrough to the intel sata ports (2x 6gbps and 4x3gbps). it currently has 4x1tb 7200rpm drives in raid10. it serves the shared datastore to my vmwre lab via iscsi. since i only got 2 extra sata ports to expand and improve the performance...
  3. Laugh|nGMan

    Server 2016 & GPU pass-through with Direct Device Assignment (DDA)

    Just made a topic to collect some info about GPU that works without issues in Hyper-V Guest thru DDA. I'm tested Quadro K1200 and GTX 750 Ti, both have "Code 43" error in Device manager after first reboot. Platform: Supermicro x9srl-f + E5-1650 v2 Host: Windows Server 2016 Guest: Windows...