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    E5-2687W v3 downclock?

    Hi. We need to bring the server's TDP down a bit. If it was a gaming system I would've probably reduce Vcore a bit and configured cpu power limits PPL1/3. However, this is server CPU, and I doubt it got any overclocking capabilities. Do you think there's a way to down-clock the server with...
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    128Gb RAM on Threadripper at 2400 Mhz. Can it be done?

    Is a Threadripper build with 128GB unbuffered ECC RAM at 2400+ Mhz a realistic goal? Threadripper only takes unbuffered RAM, which really limits my options. here is my problem: I can't do 4x32 Gb sticks because I can't find unregistered ECC 32Gb sticks, much less single rank ones. I could do...
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    Xeons with an open multiplier

    Multiplier-unlocked Xeons according to overclocking results from HWBOT: Bloomfield: W3570 (source) W3580 (uncertain) Gulftown: W3680 W3690 Gainestown: W5580 (most probably not unlocked, despite of one CPU-Z validation; please see also...