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    Can't get Startech PEX10000sfp 10gbe working on OMV v5 (Debian) ???

    Hi, has anyone got a Startech PEX10000sfp 10gbe card working with OMV v5 ? [Debian based distro currently on the Linux amd64 v5.4.0 kernel - I think...] I plugged a new card in last week and OMV just completely ignored it's existence Was hoping it would be plug and play, any advise would be...
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    One big home server or several small ones?

    Background: I have a media server that's been offline for a while. It has several disks between 1TB-3TB (JBOD) and room to add more. I built it to simply store all my CD, DVD and BrD rips. I played the files on an HTPC so transcoding wasn't an issue - but I retired the HTPC some time ago and I...