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    Nexus N6K license question

    Hello - I purchased 3 N6001-64P switches off eBay at a decent price, I was able to upgrade them without issue, Now whenever I try to enable any feature I get the message LAN_Enterprise_Services_PKG grace period 120 days I do show license - return nothing and no .lic files in bootflash Does...
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    (US) Nexus 7010 chassis with 2LC and 2Sup - $99+Freight auction

    If you want to flex with your friends that you have a freaking 10 slot chassis nexus for your homelab, there is N7k lot for $99 on ebay right now. Comes with 2 Sup1(these are EOL) and 2 fiber line cards. Freight required, I got quoted $300 to get it delivered to Chicago. Cisco Nexus 7000 Series...
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    What are the differences & which is better?

    Hi, i'm new member to the forum but im an every day guest im planning to enter the 10G network World and i want to buy a 1G 48 port w/ 10G uplinks switch and a (minimum) 24 port 10G switch and found two for each switches but i dont know which to choose i would like to know your opinions about...