1. O

    One big home server or several small ones?

    Background: I have a media server that's been offline for a while. It has several disks between 1TB-3TB (JBOD) and room to add more. I built it to simply store all my CD, DVD and BrD rips. I played the files on an HTPC so transcoding wasn't an issue - but I retired the HTPC some time ago and I...
  2. svtkobra7

    pfSense on Google Compute [anyone have experience???]

    Does anyone have any experience creating a VPN server in Google Compute? And can lend a hand? Note: I'm not referring to the VPN server offer that Google Compute provides, rather rolling my own. It is more cost effective to use an "always free" f1-micro VM instance + pay for network egress...
  3. Patrick

    FreeNAS Corral and NextCloud - Silly Easy to Install with Docker

    For anyone who tried installing OwnCloud or NextCloud on FreeNAS, it was at least slightly complicated in FreeNAS 9.10. Here are the basic steps to get started. 1. Get Docker running by creating a host VM. 2. Go to Docker -> Containers -> + -> Choose an image -. NextCloud and click save: In...