1. N

    Help me with NetApp

    Hi team! I am looking for a storage solution for my updated server. Currently I run a NetApp DS4246 with LSI SAS2308 HBA. The goal is to have more modern solution. Preferably with SAS12G. Here is what I am trying to figure out: NetApp product lines: The classic - DS4(U)24(Drives) 6(SAS6) all...
  2. R

    Weird issue with NETAPP X412_HKCBF560A15

    Hey All, Hope someone may have an idea or two with this issue. Recently, I went ahead and bought several SAS HDD's ( NETAPP X412_HKCBF560A15 ) from Ebay which I then connected to my ARC-1883IX RAID controller via mini SAS SFF-8643 to (4) 29pin SFF-8482 cables. When I power on my server the...
  3. L

    DS4243 High iowait

    I'm experiencing weird problem with my DS4243 where I am getting high iowait on it consistently. Originally I had a Supermicro 846 sas2 expander back plane and load was around 8-12. Since switching my storage over to a DS4243 I am seeing a load of 20-40. My setup: Supermicro 826 12 bay...
  4. E

    Need help with vdev/pool configuration.

    Good day to all. I am trying to setup a new trunas system. I'm running an r720 server 96g ram. Hba card (sorry forget off hand which one) and 5 netapp ds4243's. Each netapp shelf is populated with 24 600gb 15k sas drives, and OM3 controllers. My plan is to power up only the shelves I need for...
  5. M

    Connect ASR-78165 and netapp DS4246

    I tried to connect but controller does not see the enclosure. It scans drives during boot longer than usual. But it does not see any HDD. Maybe the problem is in cables. How to check that? I have ordered 2 cables QSFP to SFF-8644. They are from China and do not look like something original. Can...
  6. W

    NetApp PM8003 doesn't detect hotswap drives

    I'm using Ubuntu Server on kernel 5.8 with a PM8003 and a NetApp DS4243. Honestly no clue what I did, but my JBOD won't detect hotswapped drives anymore. If I disconnect a drive, and reconnect it, it won't be redected, and any new drives will not be detected. I swear before my last restart a...
  7. I

    does X6557-R6 NETAPP 0.5M compatible as 40gb ethernet ?

    we plan to connect them between mellanox cx3 and 40gb qsfp eternet switch should it work ?
  8. N

    Formatting Hitachi 600GB SAS drives

    Hi, I recently got myself a few of used Hitachi HUC106060CSS600 drives for my home laboratory. The problem is that they come from Netapp server and probably are formatted differently. My main server, HP DL380 G6 with P410i doesn't even try and just spits out orange light, Fujisu Primergy RX300...
  9. Bjorn Smith

    NetApp ONTAP on own hardware

    Hi, I wonder if anyone here knows if its possible to install the NetApp ONTAP software on my own hardware? I know you can buy a NetApp DS and hook it up to anything via SAS, but I would like to try out the ONTAP solution to see how it works/performs compared to e.g. FreeNAS, which is a mixed...
  10. A

    NetApp PX02SMF080 Toshiba 800GB 12Gbps

    What do you know about NetApp drives? Are they formatted with some custom formats? Will they be useable in my SuperMicro chassis? NetApp PX02SMF080 Toshiba 800GB 12Gbps 2.5'' eMLC SAS ENT SSD | eBay
  11. D

    FS: NetApp FAS2650 HA Storage Array w/ (24) 900GB 10k SAS HDDs

    I no longer have use for this so I am parting ways with my NetApp FAS2650 HA (Dual Controller) Storage array. The system works perfectly and I have zeroed it so it is ready to be reinitialized by the next owner. I am asking $3000 + shipping for the system which includes the following: * (1)...
  12. J

    Donated Equipment - Data Centre

    I work with a group of Radio Astronomers EAARO.ORG.UK and am about to start some projects (SETI, Satellite Ground Station and others) which will have quite heavy storage and processing requirements, we have been very lucky and been donated some equipment and racks (its quite old but free) - I...
  13. P

    All flash storage server

    I am in the process of building a storage server with the following components: Intel 2u chassis Intel S2600GL motherboard 2 x E5-2660 128gb ram 18 x 500gb dual port NetApp sm1625 Chelsio T580-CR connected to Cisco 3064 3 x Intel dual port backplane X x Hba's as I would like to avoid using the...
  14. W

    Anyone want 6xFAS3020 and 4x DS14mk2?

    I have 6 FAS3020s and DS14Mk2s sitting in my garage for the past 2 years; wife is nagging me to clean up the garage; anyone interested; or does anyone know how if I can repurpose these? Local Link: Server | servers | Ottawa | Kijiji