load balancer

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    Confused about high availability clusters, swarms, etc.

    I’m building a home lab and I want to self host a few websites and several services like NextCloud, Joplin, PhotoPrism, etc. I plan to run each service in a Docker swarm for high availability and load balancing. I’d like to run all these containers on a HA cluster of servers; I have several...
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    Advice/recommendations for new 100TB+ 10Gig rackmount NAS build for Plex, Rancher, Proxmox, and more

    Build’s Name: Friday (Proxmox cluster is named Jarvis so thinking of something related) Operating System/ Storage Platform: TrueNAS (core or scale, not sure which is best here) CPU: unknown Motherboard: unknown Chassis: Supermicro 847 24 or 36-bay Drives: 8-12x 16TB WD Gold HDDs + SSD pool +...
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    Kemp load balancer

    So, I tried to get fancy and have messed up somewhere and I am not sure where. basic rundown of the important part of my home network. I have a dell r620 running PF sense as my router. I have two lans on that and I had previously been running an Http web server...