1. Y

    Booting Poweredge T420 MOBO without control panel?

    Hello, I've been into the PC building scene for about a decade now, but I recently acquired my first server-grade parts: a Dell Poweredge T420 motherboard with 2 xeon processors. Since I only have the motherboard, I don't actually possess the necessary control panel that plugs into the header...
  2. S

    EU FS[PL] : X9drh-7tf IT mode+2x2670v2+32GB

    I have some things to sell: 1 combo Supermicro X9drh-7tf 2x2670v2 SAS controller in IT mode+32GB RDIMM 1 passive cpu cooler, 2x AMD mounting 320EUR 2. Supermicro X9SRi-F +2607 3. CPU Xeon e5 1x8c16t cores 1.6ghz QE2M ES fully working 15 EUR 4. CPU Intel Xeon 2418L V2 fully working 18 10EUR...
  3. fossxplorer

    Dell Poweredge R610 $59.99

    Local pick only with the following description: This server is used. It powers on and boots to bios. No O.S included. CPU: 2.40 Quad-core BusSpeed: 5.86GT/S L2 / L3 cache : 1MB / 8MB RAM: 6.0GB HDD: 146GB no other testings were done 2 Hard drives (73G) Bare included. 2 Caddies are included. No...
  4. M

    Available boards for Xeons E5-2400 v3 (LGA 1356)

    Hi All! This is my first post and question, so please be patient. :rolleyes: May you kindly point me out some available board or system actually supporting the LGA1356 Xeons E5-2400 v3 (Q1-15)? Thanks in advance for any hint!