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    Kubernetes.First pod

    Hi, Hello. I'm starting to learn kubernetes and I came up with a task for myself: to deploy a pod with a standard container from a Docker. The test cluster and the test namespace. Was my plan correct ? : 1) install Docker 2) Download nginx image (docker pull nginx) 3) Create file...
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    Kubernetes Namespaces

    Hi, I'm starting to learn Kubernetes. Namespace namespace. Namespaces / / Kubernetes supports multiple virtual clusters supported by the same physical cluster. These virtual clusters are called namespaces. That is, namespace is a virtual cluster and each has its own master and nodes ? Or just a...
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    Reorganize our infrastructure for OpenShift/Kubernetes

    Hello, As I don't have a lot of experience setting up OpenShift and Kubernetes, I'm asking for help here as a way to brainstorm and find creative way to leverage our existing infrastructure. As a new initiative to embrace Docker, we start dockerizing all our software and we are deploying them...