intel nuc

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    NUC9i5QNX for $391

    Not sure how good of a deal this is. I loved the Xeon flavor of this thing when it came out 2 years ago, but it was kinda pricey. But for a tiny box with a couple pcie slots, I jumped on one of the i5 models directly from Intel's NUCOutlet. :oops: Then, after I got it all configured, I saw...
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    FS: 4x Nuc i7/i5 + bonus Samsung S7/Note 10.1

    Left over from projects, I've put together 4x nuc's (2x i7s and 2x i5s) that have been used as basic desktops. I'm throwing in an used S7 and Note 10.1 tablet as well as 16GB Intel optane. I have slightly different specs for the i7s ram/SSD. All Nuc's have windows 10pro installed but not setup...
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    FS: Skull Canon Intel NUC + 32GB + 1TB nvme + Bonus

    Hello, I'm selling my maxed out Nuc6i7KYK with 32GB DDR4 and a 1TB Samsung Pro NVMe. (Windows 10 pro fresh format / no key) I used this a my main gaming 4K setup with a 1080ti GPU via TB3 on a 65in 4k TV. As always, I will include a bonus gift RAM, SSD, Samsung / iPad Tablet, HDD just ask...
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    Intel NUC single SSD - best filesystem for Proxmox

    Just picked up an Intel Coffee Lake NUC. I've ordered a single M.2 NVMe SSD (1TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus). Wanted to run a few test VMs at home on it, nothing critical. Would ZFS be the best filesystem to use or would XFS/ext4 be better?
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    FS: 2x Intel NUC (i5/16GB/275GB SSD) + Bonus

    Hello, I have 2x Intel Nuc i5 (BOXD54250WYKH) for sale (one is fresh back from Intel RMA and never used). I just upgraded to i7 Nucs for my HPTC and home file server with TB3 attached storage, so these are for sale. I RMA'd one as the fan was stuck on and Intel replaced it with a brand new...