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    Someone here willing to share an EEPROM dump of their Intel i350 based SFP NIC so I can fix mine?

    Hey everyone, I also posted this on reddit and got a promising response but since this might also be interesting for this community and to increase my chances of succeeding, I decided to try my luck and also post this here. The backstory goes like this: On the quest to build a low power pfsense...
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    Expected prices of a used i350-t4 and i340-t4

    I can see many listings for i350-t4 and i340-t4's on ebay. Multiple i350-t4's have a current listing price of >$100 but if I go back in history, I can see that their prices were $60 or less in or before Feb 2021. So what happened since then? And what would be a reasonable price for both of...
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    SR-IOV i350T4 on Hyper-V to pfSense/FreeBSD VM?

    Yes, I know pfSense is meant to run fine on abstracted virtual switches. But I have hardware that will expose SR-IOV to the VM, so I'd prefer to use that, if at all possible. I can provide SR-IOV to a Windows VM fine and can even find details for setting it up for Linux, but am getting nowhere...