hp t730

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    EU 2 * HP T730 (130 or 170€)

    2 Thin Clients for sale from same seller. One without SATA DOM and only 4GB RAM : READ DESCRIPTION Used HP T730 Thin Client Quad Core 4GB RAM NO HDD STORAGE | eBay One with 32GB SATA DOM and 8GB RAM. HP T730 Thin Client Quad Core 8GB RAM 32GB SSD WIFI | eBay These are interesting as EU...
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    HP t730 Thin Client as an HP Microserver Gen7 Upgrade

    Build’s Name: The stealth environment Operating System/ Storage Platform: Thin client: VMWare ESXi 6.5U3 N40L: iXSystems FreeNAS 11.1U7 CPU: Thin client: AMD RX427BB (Bald Eagle platform, Steamroller quad cores) N40L: AMD Turion II Neo N40L (K10/Geneva, dualcores) Motherboard: n/a (both are...