hp branded

  1. V

    HP ThinClient T620 GX-415GA 4-core (standard/slim, not Plus) -- $25/$35

    Ebay, same seller. 99.9% positive feedback. Both 'variants' come with 8GB RAM & power supply. No OS. No wireless listed. Seller refurbished. With 64GB SSD - $35 shipped (US) HP Thin Client T620 | AMD GX-415GA 1.5GHz | 64GB SSD | 8GB RAM | NO OS | eBay More than 10 available at time of posting...
  2. L

    HP 649281-B21 ConnectX-3 VPI MCX354A-FCBT $35 + $8 shipping OBO ebay

    Unbelievable deal! These are low profile dual port cards capable of 56Gbps IB and 40Gbps Ethernet. I messaged the seller and bought 32 cards for $25 each plus shipping. He said he has 1300 in stock so there's plenty for everyone :) They can be flashed from their HP firmware to stock Mellanox...
  3. herby

    Bad Connectx-2? Confirm my suspicions.

    TLDR: HP Connectx-2 renders my Xenserver unstable. Problems goes away when the card is removed, or when replaced with a Dell single port Connectx-2. Got this HP branded ConnectX-2 NIC: HP, 10GBE Dual Port PCIe Adapter 518001-001,516937-B21 REV A1 | eBay today and the Xenserver machine I put it...