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    LSI 9300-8i Will not show any Disks connected with direct connect cable

    Hello. I hope that someone in here have a little more experience with this than i do. I bought an LSI 9300-8i to connect directly to two 1.92TB 12G sas drives. I then also bought TWO different kinds of cables that would take SATA power to power the drives, i know they deliver power as i have a...
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    EU FS: HBAs 9305-16i, 9305-24i, SAS 9361-16i, 9405W-16e

    Hi, I have a few HBAs for sale, all are brand new sealed in original boxes. 5x Broadcom(LSI) MegaRAID SAS 9305-16i Broadcom link - 210€/card 5x Broadcom(LSI) MegaRAID SAS 9305-24i Broadcom link - 290€/card 5x Broadcom(LSI) MegaRAID SAS 9361-16i Broadcom link - 480€/card 5x Broadcom(LSI) HBA...
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    EU WTB: Intel DC 3710/3700/35xx, NVMe SSDs, DDR3 RDIMMs, SAS SSDs and RAID/HBA cards

    Hi! I'm in Europe and buying for a lab being built for my US employer. Unfortunately VAT registration is not going as fast as it should and we want to double-hit our wallets with both VAT (which we should be refunded but I dont see this happening) and USD->EUR exchange. US based sellers more...