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    Assistance with disc enclosure to R630/MD1400

    Hello, I was able to get an R630 last yea & have been having fun with it. Throughout the year I've been able to get various pieces to connect to an external disk array. I got a PERC H830 RAID card direct from Dell on sale. After some less the scrupulous sellers on Ebay sold me a "new in box"...
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    Dell H830 SAS RAID and Dell PowerVault MD1200

    I have a Dell R710 home server with a Dell PERC H830 SAS RAID adapter in it. I'm looking to add an MD1200 to my collection and trying to figure out whether it will work. I'm not concerned if it's supported. I only want to know if it will work at all. First off, Dell says the H830 won't work...