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    Celestica RedStone D2020 - Can't get QSFP to function with commodity modules

    I got a great deal on these switches, and for what I need (40GB backbone between two rooms) they'll serve me nicely. My issue has been getting them to come up on the 40GB interfaces. For a separate project, I picked up some QSFP cards that came with FS.COM MTPO QSFP adapters. After trying...
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    LACP configuration

    Hello friends! I am trying to configure LACP between my Juniper SRX240 (JunOS 12.3) and Quanta LB6M. So far, I'm stuck. Let me show you my current configuration on both devices. Quanta LB6M configuration interface 0/25 addport 1/1 exit interface 0/26 addport 1/1 exit interface 0/27 addport...