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    Checking complete disks for errors in OmniOS

    Hi, I just upgraded my server rack with a few more drives, now as 12TB per disk is a lot of space I wanted to check them thoroughly for errors before actually using them. On windows I know of several tools to do that but have no experience/idea for Solaris/OmniOS. What do you usually do for...
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    What does Media and Data Integrity Errors mean?

    In my fallback server I have a Samsung 970 evo disk that reports the following: root@lair ~]# smartctl -a /dev/nvme0 smartctl 7.0 2018-12-30 r4883 [x86_64-linux-3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7.x86_64] (local build) Copyright (C) 2002-18, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, === START OF...
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    Are my "new" drives good or bad?

    Hi all, I recently purchased 7 HGST 4TB SAS drives after discovering @BLinux thread in "Great deals". I need six for my zpool, but bought one extra. I’ve used them to upgrade my Dell R710 from 2TB SATA to these 4TB SAS. I run a OmniOS VM with the SAS controller passed through. All the drives...