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    Any 1U EDSFF 32x E1.S chassis on the horizon?

    Has anyone heard rumblings of, or seen at a conference, a 1U EDSFF 32x E1.S chassis, or at least one as an AMD barebones? Both the Inspur and Supermicro systems are both Intel, and paying a dual-Xeon tax just for an EDSFF based system just seems silly when a single EPYC 7002/3 CPU can handle...
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    NVMe storage server on a budget

    I'm looking to build/buy a high-performance NVMe storage server for virtualization purposes. I need a server with at least 8 hot-swappable nvme (or with storage, adaptable to nvme drives, u.2 maybe?) that does not break the bank(prefferably, under $10K without the drives) Plain nvme...