e5 2670

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    Gaming VM in ESXi 6.5 - Windows+GPU choice?

    Hi, I've really grown fond of the idea of hosting my gaming rig as a VM with passthrough of GPU/USB Controller etc. I'm really just wondering a few more before starting to try it out: Are there's any resource of a successful passthrough of an nVidia GeForce-series GPU? As Windows 10 have a...
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    Need help building a dual xeon e5-2670

    Hi, I have 2 i7 6700 and 1 i7 3770k. I'm looking to expand and thought a dual xeon would be better for my needs. I have no prior knowledge of workstation build, so based my build on this with few tweaks: Building a 32-Thread Xeon Monster PC for Less Than the Price of a Flagship Core i7 CPU...