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    LSI SAS 9300-8e HBA Not Displaying Drives

    Hello!! I am troubleshooting disks not being recognized by my HBA. I have an overkill HBA for my purpose purchased used from eBay but I figured it would still work for my purpose and was reasonably priced. For my setup, I'm running: Server HPE DL360 Gen 9 x2 Intel Xeon E5-2690 v3 x2 16GB...
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    HP Reliant DL360p G7 - I'm building my first server and it's so different than building a PC :O [HELP!]

    Hi, I watched a bunch of videos on YT how to get an old enterprise server and make it work as home media device or a home server, the things are pretty cheap, but I'm also a pretty poor student, so I'd rather not experiment with parts that might not work. I'm planning to go with DebianEdu or...