distributed storage

  1. Z

    I have fallen in love with MooseFS

    I started using it about a month ago after being a long time ZFS user. I have 15 disks spread between 7 servers for a total of 101TB of raw disk space. With 5 of the servers being single board computers holding 1-2 hard drives each. Each drive is formatted with XFS. Moosefs will take care of...
  2. AveryFreeman

    Questions about OCFS2: How to span local partitions, journaling, lvm2-lock, clvm, etc.

    Hey, curious about how to get distributed volumes to span several devices. Unfortunately haven't seen much literature about this. I'm actually using Ubuntu instead of Oracle Linux, but the setup procedure appears virtually identical. Here's what I'm following, which seems to be the best...
  3. K

    Shared Multi-Host Storage for Docker and Data Volumes

    Hi! I'm trying to come up with a design for a initially small-medium infrastructure that uses docker and shared multi-host storage, but I'm not entirely sure which option would suite best or be the most feasible... I apologise if this is not the right forum for this thread, and if it should...