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    FreeNas: How to Bridge Nics like a Switch and DHCP-serve them

    In the wake of the Jellyfish "it just works out of the box etc BS", scenario is as follows. You have a FreeNas box with multiple Nic-ports that you are directly connecting to the client devices. Possibly a 10Gbit Rj45 or in my case, Mellanox CX3s set to 40GbE. For maximum comfort, all...
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    DHCP switch

    Hello, I am using QUANTA LB4M switch and everything work fine. Now I want setup on few ports to work DHCP so I dont need all time setup IP when connect PC/Laptop. What I need done in web gui? Need setup pool and DHCP filter enable on few ports or?
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    [Solved] DHCP in VM - No leases to PMs

    Hi, I am new here, so please be gentle. I have a little problem. My DHCP is not offering leases to physical machines. I hope that someone can help me work out what I am doing wrong. I have spend some time trying to get this to work, but I am a bit stumped and drained. Here is a brief and...