deep learning

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    Deep Learning Reference

    Hello All, I am new here and I want to learn deep learning programming and looking for an online latest tutorial. Can anyone help me to find out the best one for tutorial for beginner point?
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    Face Clustering of Images

    import sys import os import dlib import glob import time start = time.time() if len(sys.argv) != 3: print("Please specify valid arguments. Call the program like this \npython -specify input folder- -specify output path-") exit() predictor_path =...
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    AI/Deep Learning/Machine Learning/HPC Build

    Hi all, I am interested in building a workstation or server that can tackle the above tasks and have a few GPUs knocking about. I have read numerous guides online, but most tend to advocate GTX/RTX and desktop hardware etc. I am in a relatively uncommon situation as I am an IT broker (primarily...
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    2-Slot NVLink Bridges for 8 * RTX 2080Ti DL Server

    Hi All, I am currently thinking about adding SLI-Bridges to an 8 RTX2080 Ti build in a Supermicro SuperServer 4028GR-TR for deep learning applications. NVLink bridges available for the RTX series only come in a 3/4-slot spacing, which is too wide in a server setting. Looking at the NVLink...
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    Renewing my DL hardware.

    Hi fellas. I'm in the process of renewing my deep learning hardware, and particularly the GPUs. My host machine has 40 x16 lanes and 3 slots in 16x/16x/8x, so I think I will leave it untouched. Presently, I work with two 1080TIs. Now, to achieve a good price/perf ratio when it comes to buy...
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    Single-root vs dual-root complex and E5 vs SP for multi-GPU deep learning

    We're looking to purchase two 4U nodes, one with 8 or 10 RTX 2080 Ti GPUs and the other with 8 or 10 Quadro RTX 6000 GPUs for deep learning, and I'm having trouble figuring out which architecture to go with. We're debating between single-root and dual-root complex systems, and between E5 and...
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    Searching Best Image Classifiers

    Hello, I am working on a hotel classification task for my company, Timbu- I have a task to recommend an efficient classifier model to use for the project. Please can anyone give an Idea of the things I should consider very important in selecting a model to use. We'll be using python to...