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    ConnectX-3 VPI (MCX354A-FCBT or 649281-B21) - Support new OS

    Who already uses this nic. Are the drivers mlnx_ofed, mlnx_en, mlx4 and winof compatible for ConnectX-3 VPI with the new os? I think, many will find it useful to know this before buying. Win Serv 19, 22 Debian 10.11 / 11.1 Proxmox VE 7.1 Other OS and Kernel And does it work in them - sr-iov...
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    HP 649281-B21 ConnectX-3 VPI MCX354A-FCBT $35 + $8 shipping OBO ebay

    Unbelievable deal! These are low profile dual port cards capable of 56Gbps IB and 40Gbps Ethernet. I messaged the seller and bought 32 cards for $25 each plus shipping. He said he has 1300 in stock so there's plenty for everyone :) They can be flashed from their HP firmware to stock Mellanox...