1. C

    Supermicro 3.5" Drive Trays

    Possibly a stupid question, but I am looking to put together a supermicro server here soon and am looking at a case listing that does not come with trays. It looks like there are a lot of different part numbers for 3.5" trays from supermicro, are they all the interchangeable?
  2. D

    Question about QSFP+ compatibility for CRS354-48G-4S+2Q+RM switch

    I just recently purchased the MikroTik CRS354-48G-4S+2Q+RM switch to expand my server's networking capabilities. However I have seem to run into compatibility issues. The switch wiki says it only supports transceivers/cables made by MikroTik, I already bought cables from and I can't find...
  3. adminmat

    Enterprise HDDs and compatibility question

    I'd like to get a couple SAS HDDs for my unRAID server. I've been shopping around for a couple 1 to 4 TB drives for testing but can't get a handle on what drives will work "out of the box" with a LSI SAS controller in IT mode. I read that many of the enterprise SAS HDDs are locked to a...
  4. I

    ram comparability question for server - looking for single sticks of 64GB ddr3

    i am planing to expand our servers ram, i have the following and i would like to know what model it is compatible server (dell m620 ) with 16 *16GB HMT42GR7BMR4C-G7 - SK Hynix 16GB DDR3-1066 RDIMM PC3-8500R Quad Rank x4 Module i would like to add 4 more sticks of 64 GB what more are...
  5. P

    Superchassis CSE-505-203B a + M11SDV - compatibility issues?

    So I ran into a bit of an embarrassing issue yesterday - it seems like Superchassis CSE-505-203B (despite Supermicro's claims) isn't really fully compatible with their EPYC 3000 motherboards. As you can see in the attached images, the IO panel seems not to support the layout of their...
  6. H

    compatible transievers with HP 560FLR

    Hi I will be getting some servers soon and they are equipped with HP 560FLR 10gb NIC I would like to know if the HP nics are forgiving in terms of transceivers or I must use HP transceivers I am asking because I see some Cisco transceivers for really cheap on eBay and was thnking maybe I can...
  7. sfbayzfs

    What board/system takes this RAM? (DDR3L 12800 16GB ECC Reg SODIMM 4Rx8)

    I mistakenly bought some of these a while ago for my Supermicro C2000 based ITX boards before I could find specs assuming they were unbuffered, but they turned out to be ECC Reg. Does anyone know what uses these? I tried them in a couple of theoretically compatible boards through SODIMM ->...
  8. L

    Where do I look for short depth ATX chassis?

    Where do people typically look for short depth ATX rackmount chassis? I mean in general - are there any websites where you can just specify expected depth range, U height, number of HDD cages etc? I tried with Server Case UK but their search engine really stinks and eg. if you choose 480mm depth...
  9. G

    List of components

    Hello Everybody, I hope this will be my last post and I finally will be able to build my own NAS. Like I mentioned in previous posts I want to create a NAS with about 25 TB of storage for Saving of my many private files. I researched a lot and finally made a list of my components I intended...
  10. sfbayzfs

    8GB FB-DIMMS - compatible chipsets, Supermicro X7 boards?

    Greetings all, I'm trying to max out some older FB-DIMM based systems with cheap RAM - a friend's first generation mac pro, and several Supermicro x7 boards I have on hand. The Supermicro boards (X7DBE for example) have 8-16 DDR2 FB-DIMM slots, but the specs list the largest compatible FB-DIMM...