centos 7

  1. A

    [FIXED] Issues with CentOS7 OVH kernel

    Hello I am having some quite severe-looking issues with some dedicated box I have. I am asking (also) here because I am quite frustraded since this never happened to me. I have CentOS7 installed on this server - hosted at OVH, with their kernel in use. After running `yum update` all packages...
  2. eva2000

    AMD EPYC 7401P CentOS 7.4 benchmarks - cpu soft lockups?

    Finally managed to do some testing with AMD EPYC 7401P on CentOS 7.4 with both default 3.10 Linux Kernel and 4.15 Linux Kernel. But I ran into some cpu soft lockups during UnixBench test and was wondering if anyone else have run into these before Benchmarks - Packet.net bare metal cloud provider...