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    HP Prodesk 400 G4 mini: power adapter, non-T CPUs and c-state Questions

    I just got an HP Prodesk 400 G4 mini to tinker with as a first basic home server, the current specs are g4900t, 8gb single stick, 970 evo It came with an off-brand power supply, 65W 18.5v, and it seems to work fine but from what i can see the original is 19.5v. Could i encounter any issues? is...
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    Intel S2600WT Nvme SSD setup (m.2 via PCIe Riser card and other possibilities)

    Hello everyone, I just got an Intel S2600WT (WTTR) based server and am missing only storage to set it up and running. I am searching for the best speed option for storage so I was looking into how to setup m.2 Nvme SSD (no raid needed). No m.2 ports on board, I have 2 PCIe riser cards with 5...
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    U.2 to quad M.2 carrier (2.5 inch form factor)?

    While oogling assorted NVMe gear, I ran across a bit of an oddball device. U.2 2.5" form factor device that hosts a PCIe switch and 4 M.2 22110 drives. An interesting potential alternative to an Amfeltec Squid. Viking Enterprise Solutions U20040 U.2 NVMe SSD M.2 Carrier High Performance Solid...