1. C

    64GB RAM Issue Supermicro E300-9A (A2SDi-TP8F) Experience Sharing

    My goal is to find a way to maximize RAM without using the option from the OEM's short "tested memory" list as of January 2024: If you have reached 64GB please advise on the used RAM components: Part Nr Description # of ranks Profile MEM-DR480LB-SO26 8GB DDR4-2666 1Rx8 SODIMM 1 Low...
  2. Coool

    Elpida Memory Part Number Decode

    Welcome, STH! Maybe I have luck here. Could not find at old Elpida pages how to decode part number EBJ67LJ4B3HA-GN-F (64GB DDR3 Memory module) using Elpida EDJA504B3HB-GN-F components (chips). Contacted Micron tech support, and they couldn't help me. Maybe someone has any documentation or...
  3. S

    SOLD: 64GB DDR4 3600 (16GBx4)

    I have an extra set of RAM sticks for a build that I don't need. I'm outside the return window and don't have original box. All sticks pass full MemTest. 64GB kit: 16GB x 4 G Skill F4-3600C16Q-64GTZNC $280, shipping included to the continental US (USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate)
  4. B

    [SOLD] 64GB DDR3 ECC Registered 8x8GB 2Rx4 PC3-10600R

    I have no further need for this set of DDR3 ECC RAM now that I've finally moved onto the much loved Xeon-D platform for the homelab. This set was originally pulled out of the base configuration of HP ProLiant DL360 G8 servers. Its 2 Micron DIMMs with 6 Nanya DIMMs, but all have the same HP...