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    Noob questions about an HGST 4u60 JBOD

    Hello :) I have a total of 30 10tb wd red pros that have been hooked up directly to my server's motherboard with sas cards->sata cables, and sata piggyback power in two rosewill lsv4500 cases. There is no external jbod unit, just disks connecting directly to the host and consumer grade psu. For...
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    EU WTB: 60+ bay JBOD

    Hey all, Looking for a 60+ bay (4U) storage JBOD to purchase. I've been looking at the HGST 4u60, but most existing deals seem to be in the US and adding VAT + shipping usually makes these too expensive. The JBOD would be used for backup, so don't require alot of performance, so SAS2 would work...
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    EU WTB: 4U60 60 x 3.5" HGST or Newisys NDS-4600

    Been looking around eBay for one of these, if anyone happens to have one for sale it'd be awesome! PM me your asking price and we can work from there. If you're in the US, PM me so that i can calculate on shipping if so.