1. svtkobra7

    FS: SC826A to SC826B Conversion "Kit" (HDD Kit + LP Rear Window + Unsold HDD Cage Frame)

    Offered for sale (or trade) is everything needed to properly convert a SC826A to SC826B model, i.e. supports rear drive kit (more info = Older Supermicro Chassis: Converting Rear-window to Support 2x2.5 Drive Cages?) and includes the following parts: MCP-220–82609–0N: 2 x 2.5" HDD Kit for 826B...
  2. C

    Top Load 2.5" Server

    Hey STH, Wondering if anyone has seen a server that has top load 2.5" drive bays. Similar to the SuperMicro or 45-Drives 60/90 bay top load servers but for 2.5" drives. Where that came up was we just brought in EMC's XIO platform at work and the drive enclosures are top load, approximately 2U...
  3. A

    SuperMicro MCP-410-00006-0N

    Supermicro Screw Bag 100 PCs-Label for 2.5" Tray PROVANTAGE: Supermicro MCP-410-00006-0N Screw Bag 100 PCs-Label for 2.5 In Tray 180+ pcs in stock at $3.21 per bag
  4. M

    Used Intel S3500 80GB 2.5" (SSDSC2BB080G401) 35$

    Intel S3500 80 GB,Internal, 2.5" (SSDSC2BB080G401) SSD At time of posting, 8 available :)