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    upgrade for Blue Iris

    fixed the wording. I know that it will take a new system to host all 20 cams but still want lowish power usage. I know that I can do it with a brand new parts but was hopping something from the used market that would allow me run the cams , not break the bank to buy and not cause the power meter...
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    upgrade for Blue Iris

    I am buying the house next door to my current home and will be running fiber between the two location to make a single network. Right now my current blue iris box is a HP elitedesk 800 G1 with i7-4770s and current usage is around 30% idle and 80-95% when recording. The current camera 6x 2.1MP...
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    Networking ducts between buildings

    Fohdeesha, "NEC forbids low voltage data" that is mostly not true. You can mix low voltage cable data cable and power cables in the same conduit BUT the low voltage cable MUST have an insulated jacket rated at or above the rating on power cable. Aproved 600-Volt volt rated power cable and 600...
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    Ubiquiti's 25G/3.6 Tbps Leaf Switch

    @wrlsexprt are working working for or with UBNT? You posted the very same thing on reddit today. I think this may need to be flagged as vendor spam Ubiquiti's 25G/3.6 Tbps Leaf Switch : networking
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    How do you plan EOL for your homelab?

    All of the my hardware in my homelab is 2nd hand from ebay. I like it when something goes EOL b/c then more will show up on ebay driving the cost down. As for software, blueiris on windows is the only not open source software.
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    Cleaning workshop - Unifi Mesh gear, Industrial PCs, DJI Phantom, Samsung SmartThings Hub..

    I got my unifi AP from him and it is added to my controller. +++
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    Badly swollen UPS batteries... bad UPS or could it be one event?

    This is a well know problem APC SmartUPS Battery Float Voltage Calibration
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    FS: Dell C6100 XS23-TY3 twin node

    Read rule #2, you must post a price.
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    Kernel errors with guest VMs on proxmox

    I forgot to come back to this, I had storage setup using glusterfs and having the problems. I switched to ceph and everything has been working fine.
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    Kernel errors with guest VMs on proxmox

    guest = ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit server with ssh server enabled proxmox = version 5.2 cpu AMD opteron 2356 I did a fresh install of ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit server with the only thing enable other than default is ssh server. When I do OS updates I get mod errors when it updates kernel related...
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    Extend Network to multiple Buildings

    Most of the time running Ethernet between building can cause a lot of problems. This is because of difference in ground potential, it comes down to there can be small charge on the ground/neutral power lines for the building. This charge can be different between building will try to equalize...
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    Extend Network to multiple Buildings

    If you have clear of sight take a look at the following options isostation-ac ~140 Mbps $150-200 for the pair airfiber24 ~600-700Mbps full duplex $1400 pair airfiber24-hd 1Gbps full duplex $3000 pair If I remember right the airfiber have a min spacing or 100feet or 100meters.
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    WTB: 3 Unifi AC HD Access Points

    Good luck find any used, the ones that are used are almost retail priced. The HD is really over kill for a house, save the $ and get the AC pros.