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    64GB DDR4-2400T LRDIMM: $156.26

    Not quite as good, but still a deal for 32GB DDR4-2400T LRDIMM : SAMSUNG 32GB DDR4-2400T LRDIMM 4DRx4 M386A4G40DM1-CRC SERVER MEMORY | eBay
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    64GB DDR4-2400T LRDIMM: $156.26

    8 available at time of posting: SK HYNIX 64GB DDR4-2400T LRDIMM 4DRx4 HMAA8GL7MMR4N-UH SERVER MEMORY | eBay
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    dOLOb uild log

    Yes, you can use one port or even two ports giving a breakout of 5 and 4 ports respectively. Not so sure about the analogy but the main point is there is always gonna be a performance drop using an expander in this manner, which is exacerbated by the storage medium. With 1TB HDDs, I wouldn't...
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    dOLOb uild log

    Xeon Socket 2011-3 and 2066 will give you 40 and 48 lanes respectively. Your issue will be which MBs give you the PCIe lane count, the PCIe configuration you desire and other desirables. At the moment, Xeon V3 CPUs are the best bang for buck. However, for gaming, your gonna get better...
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    FS: Xeon Platinum 8180 (OEM/Retail) 28 Core / 56 Thread (10 Available)

    What's the price for the 2x E5-2660v4 2x E5-2689v4
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    FS: Cleaning day - HGST SAS SSDs, DDR3, E5/E3 CPUs

    What is the part number for the lrdimms?
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    Performance / optimal setup for TrueNAS - long

    The ballgame with L2ARC is changing (changed): Also, with the implementation of fusion pools and persistent L2ARC, TrueNAS has turbocharged read intensive application: Persistent L2ARC might be coming to ZFS on Linux Fusion pools are a new feature of TrueNAS. Haven't tried it but it does look...
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    Asrock X570D4U-2L2T Build

    Wait....where is the GPU?
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    FreeNAS/TrueNAS Core air-gap backup?

    I create a new pool, copy via a smb share using terra/x/robo copy and store away hdd disks. Hot-swap drives are key so that you can offline a pool to create the new pool.
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    Quiet, office friendly NVME NAS chassis?

    Next question....What drive size(s) and how big of a pool are you looking to build? Generally, the bigger the drive size of each nvme u.2 drive -> more power required ->the more heat generated -> more air flow required -> faster fans required -> greater noise generated. Even a 4U with some...
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    Virtualizing my servers

    I would get enterprise gear to begin with. My personal preference is to also not virtualize pfsense and keep it standalone. Maintenance issues, inter alia, on your host may affect your uptime on pfsense.
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    TrueNAS 12 Release is Out Farewell FreeNAS

    Upgraded a backup server from RC to release last night. No issues. FWIW, since TrueNAS 12 beta I've been having good results.
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    eBay - 16GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz ECC REG RAM (IBM, Lot of 8) $90

    These look like either hmt42gr7cmr4c or hmt42gr7cmr4a. If so, the heat spreaders seem to have been removed.
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    Help with motherboard and CPU for new FreeNAS build

    You only need a GPU for plex if you are transcoding your media.. IPMI is a life saver, I would not buy a MB unless it has it. You will find out soon. You don't need a 1TB drive to boot, it's gonna be wasted space with ESXI. You don't need anything bigger than 16GB to boot. Further, you should...