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    Help! proxmox webui not reachable via 10GbE ?

    Proxmox is pretty wide open by default. Unless you enabled the firewall in datacenter and the host or made other security alterations i dont think the problem is there. Does a direct 10G connection work between client machine and proxmox? Since you are using windows try booting a live linux...
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    Proxmox with Mellanox ConnectX-3 + Mikrotik switch (QSFP+)

    I think most of the Proxmox gui is space separated. If that doesn't work try commas. If that doesn't work you can probably only have one item. As far as the multiple ports to a switch goes, I think if you have 2 links between switches or between a single host and a switch a LAG must be set up...
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    Help! proxmox webui not reachable via 10GbE ?

    Are you running pfSense virtualized? If so you need to disable all the hardware offloads in System->ADVANCED->networking. With them enabled you get weird behavior like imcp working but tcp connections fail. Next thing to check is that everything has the same MTU size. On linux you can use: ip...
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    ZFS export/import equivalent for Ceph

    Is there a Ceph equivalent to ZFS import/export? For instance if you have to reinstall the host OS can you just reinstall Ceph and then import the OSDs without data loss? Or do you have to recreate all OSDs and pools then restore from backups?
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    Proxmox with Mellanox ConnectX-3 + Mikrotik switch (QSFP+)

    The GUI takes space separated lists of ports for linux bridges and ovs switches. So just put enp130s0 enp130s0d1 or whatever the interfaces you want are called in the Bridge Ports box. That may create problems if both ports are attached to the same switch though.
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    Does ASRock Rack RomeD8-2T support bifurcation?

    Yes. All 7 slots can be set as x16 or x8/x8 or x4/x4/x4/x4
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    Is building an EPYC 2 Rome workstation as simple as building a PC?

    From the way you phrased your original question I wasn't sure if you knew what you were getting into. It seems like you know what your requirements are and the downsides of EPYC. EPYC will work just fine for you.
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    Proxmox-ve 6.1 kvm based all in one Freenas guide

    IMO yes. Depending on what you want to do with Plex you could easily run what you have posted with a 4 core CPU and 32GB of RAM. My old setup was Xeon 1230v3, 32GB ram, 4x400GB Intel S3700s in ZFS raid10, 4x4TB Seagate spinners in ZFS raid10. With that I ran these VMs: pfSense opnSense docker...
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    Is building an EPYC 2 Rome workstation as simple as building a PC?

    One thing to take note of is that most server have limited external I/O. For example, the Romed8-2t only has 3 rear usb ports (2 type A & 1 type C) and 2 front type A usb ports. There is also no sound. IPMI is great for a headless server but isn't as useful for a workstation that has a video...
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    Proxmox - Disappearing Datasets

    I've had this problem a few times. What happens is Proxmox will create the folder for a directory storage if it doesn't exist. For some reason sometimes Proxmox won't wait for the ZFS pool to be mounted at boot before it checks if the directory exists. So it sees the directory isn't there, so it...
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    EPYC ROME Motherboards???

    Newegg has the Asrock RomeD8-2t. I just got one. Seems ok so far.
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    Updated: 10-08-21, EPYCS, DDR3/4, SAS3/NVME's SSDs PRICE CUT on EPYCS!!

    Received CPU. Well packed and fast shipping.
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    Threadripper Proxmox build, need suggestions

    1. Since you are already using nvme drives in your VM pool a ZIL isn't really going to help and may actually hurt performance. 2. RAID10 for performance. RAIDZ2 for redundancy. I don't know how important you data is and I'm not familiar with those SSDs. 3. I wouldn't use a consumer level...
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    Thanks for posting. I was thinking about getting a S8030GM4TNE for my Epyc build since its available now. Based on your review I think I will keep waiting for the Asrock RomeD8-2t.
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    ProxMox - Clearing disks for use

    You could try some of these options: I just started experimenting with Ceph this week. I'm not very familiar with it.