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    7H12 in small form factor custom build

    So many cores.
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    Windows Server 2016 or 2019?

    2019 has Ansible integration / support. That would be my motivation.
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    What are you using Proxmox for?

    The biggest deciding factor? Opensource. As in, likely more in charge of my IT destiny. Sharing of knowledge. Web interface, no proprietary app. + cli, ssh and management via Ansible. Typically using non-subscription. Seems mostly adequate, and of course its Debian. Debian = Options, mostly...
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    Is an Intel NUC still relevant in 2020 for homelabbers?

    Using a i5 NUC with 32 GB RAM for my Proxmox test box. NVME + SSD. Works great. Cheap to buy (relatively), cheap to run, easy to transport. Most of our customer new desktops are now NUCs for many of the same reasons.
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    Need help with HP server

    Remove and re-seat all the hardware, RAM, PCI cards maybe even the CPU. Had something similar this weekend. Crypto mining machine had been off for some months. No boot. Re-seated everything and got it running. Sold the Vega65 within hours! Good luck
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    ESXI to Proxmox

    Not that I've seen but its been some years. In earlier days the vmdk files could be copied from esx to proxmox after building the machine on proxmox as a fairly painless method of migration. In more recent times I have backed up to shared storage like a NAS and restored from there even using the...
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    ESXI to Proxmox

    Yes about 10 years ago. Couldn't be happier. Different VM OS's. Run both Hypervisors in parallel if possible and take your time.
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    System Cleaning - Any tips or best practices?

    Yes but not to this extent In some videos I have seen Bryan use soapy water after loosening the dirt. My take away is that whatever sticks the dirt to the part needs to be dissolved then the dirt can be wiped or "floated" off. WD40 provides some photogenic marketing shine. This guy refurbs and...
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    System Cleaning - Any tips or best practices?

    Sound like you need some Tech Yes Luvin!
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    Robocopy changes , GUI Backup

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    Absolute minimal spec ProMox file server, went with Ubuntu/samba server

    You're a stingy, STINGY bastard! I think you would get away with it. Patrick's take is better. How do you value your time? ZFS loves ram. So how about an I5 NUC (up to 32GB RAM) with 2TB crucial SSD and zfs send receive to a backup for the backup? Low power + performance! Proxmox, Ubuntu + vm...
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    Local Mail aggregator

    Hi Rand, Would ISPConfig fit the bill? Seems very configurable.
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    HP t730 Thin Client as an HP Microserver Gen7 Upgrade

    In my usage scenario. Power usage is less of a concern and as a native PFSense box this thing is FAST! I do have a i5 32GB RAM NUC with Proxmox for testing and it is fairly capable if power is an issue.
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    HP t730 Thin Client as an HP Microserver Gen7 Upgrade

    You're welcome. SRV-IO on Proxmox, doable with caveats. Haven't tested OVPN on PFSense on Proxmox to extremes but suspect it will work with right hardware. Not sure what that is though. Same with your other requirements. I'd start with the T730 and scale up as required. I run PFSense on T610...