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    SFP+ cards with ASPM support?

    I have a Broadcom BCM957404A4, a Chelsio T520-SO-CR and a system with claimed ASPM support, sadly, no way to measure power consumption. BCM97404A4 reports ASPM is supported and enabled, T520-SO-CR reports ASPM is not supported. This is the output from lspci -vvv for the cards, the link is...
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    They won't, they are for AMD coolers and not for LGA2011 coolers.
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    I can vouch for these adapters as well, however I used tower coolers (Hyper T200) with mine, unmodified. These maintained the E5-2670v2 (115W) at around 40C above ambient or thereabouts...
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    Broadcom "Stingray" SmartNIC (PS410, PS225, PS250, PS1100) Resources and Discussion

    Congrats. These are too interesting to go to waste.
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    Hunsn "router" 4 port 2.5GB/s and memory compatibility 2400 vs 2666

    I want to say that it should work, but I can't say that for sure. A higher speed module should still work, it may even have SPD timings for 2400 MHz. I don't have experience with this configuration, only with mixing speeds (2666 with 2400) on a different platform and it does work that way, dual...
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    Chelsio T7 DPU Line Launched for 400G Generation

    As an interesting historical note, some of the T3 generation cards had a FPGA on board. It replaced the discrete TCAM that used to be present in full-featured T3 cards. The FPGA interface can probably be used without the need for SERDES, so that's convenient, since it potentially means lower...
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    MikroTik CRS504-4XQ-IN A 4x 100GbE Switch at Under 45W

    Maybe that product briefing is missing some detail. As always, documentation held under confidentiality agreements rears its ugly head over those trying to better understand what goes on inside the magical black boxes... Note how it has no mention of: buffer size, TCAM size, fabric bandwidth...
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    Advice needed M.2 MLC SSDs, reliable HDDs, ReFS, etc.

    U.2 have a finned enclosure sometimes, but you're right. They are designed to be cooled by forced air. Actually if you are dead set on buying U.2s, the reason why these enterprise drives have such weird capacities (960GB, 1.92TB so on) is that they have a little (or a lot more, for "write...
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    Advice needed M.2 MLC SSDs, reliable HDDs, ReFS, etc.

    I honestly think your fear of TLC may be misguided, high end TLC drives are plenty fast these days. MLC is seldom used anymore, outside of enterprise drives (though even these are turning to TLC, thanks to improvements in performance and a growing need for density) and embedded devices. But...
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    HP T740 Thin Client Review TinyMiniMicro with PCIe Slot

    I just so happen to own a Ryzen 2400G with a Gigabyte motherboard (a B450M-DS3H), I can enable ARI on that, it actually works, I tested with a Chelsio T520 and its unusually strict cxgb4 driver, and it let me create VFs with no problems. If I'm not mistaken, this was introduced in one of the...
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    Uimage for ARM64 Device

    You can use the mkimage utility to build one from a zImage, but you will need the load address, that you can obtain from an uImage you already have, or from the u-boot environment (printenv to show all variables). Or you can supply it yourself, if you're loading it from a different location. I'm...
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    Intel G97168-201 any info about this card?

    Looks like either a PCIe switch, or a redriver. The heatsink seems so weirdly shaped for a switch, but a redriver wouldn't need one to begin with... Either way, nice for hooking up U.2 NVMe drives.
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    Distributed compilation with networked storage

    Deploying a full CI solution isn't exactly what I had in mind, but it might be worth a look.
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    HP ProDesk 405 G4 Mini Dual Internal 1GbE NICs with a Catch

    If these have a RTL8153, I actually use that NIC in a router and it works pretty well. But trying to push traffic through these will hammer your CPU somewhat.
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    Distributed compilation with networked storage

    Is there a distributed compiler that can efficiently handle source code stored in a central, networked, storage location, accessible to all worker nodes? It seems that distcc and icecc are meant to be run on a machine with source code stored locally, which is then distributed as needed to...